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Happy Customers

We are thrilled so many happy clients have turned to Bluesburg Cattery to find their perfect animals. Take a look below to see what they have to say about using our services. If you have an experience to share, please let us know. We love receiving feedback.

I had a wonderful experience getting my pair of kittens from Elena.She drove over 2 hours to meet me at the airport so I could fly home with them and she stayed in constant communication with me the entire time i was waiting to get them.She would send me updates and pictures which was so nice! I know Elena truly cares for her cats and for the breed.My two boys are now 6 months old and they have been amazingly healthy and are absolutely stunning cats.They also have very good temperaments and have adjusted well to having 5 young humans constantly loving on them. I've recommended Bluesburg Cattery to many friends and will continue to do so.
Thank you for a great experience, Elena!

Jenna Hellekson

Hi Elena, I hope you and your family are safe and well.

In our application for kittens, I think I mentioned that Adam is disabled.  Vlad picked him as his person and they spend a lot of time together.  Vlad seems to understand that Adam has problems with coordination and is incredibly gentle and patient with him.  If they're not napping, Vlad is purring and making biscuits while Adam pets him.  Adam has been struggling with his health lately and Vlad has been stuck to him like glue (except when it's time for wet food.  That boy is a chow hound!).  Having a little buddy for him during the tough times has been such a wonderful gift and I frequently think about how grateful I am to have them.

Igor picked me as his person and is incredibly sweet.  One of his favorite things to do is headbutt me.  I was startled awake last weekend by a headbutt because I was sleeping too late and last week he photobombed my Zoom meeting at work for snuggles and headbutts.  He's charmed all my coworkers.  He loves being carried around and will put his paws up to ask me to pick him up.  I frequently have to type with one hand since the other is full of cat.

The cats regularly sleep under the covers with me.  One morning, Igor wasn't ready to get up when my alarm went off.

He has two speeds:  100 MPH feather toy chaser and 0 MPH lazy TV watching cuddler.

Adam loves spoiling them rotten.  We now have THREE cat trees!  He also built them floor to ceiling shelves along one wall of my office.  It's so funny to watch them running around on the different levels like they're playing Donkey Kong.  He got a deck box that we were going to put outside, but they were having so much fun playing in it that he filled it with tissue paper and toys so it's a kitty ball pit now.  I'm just glad they let us live in their house 

Take care,

Renee Beattie

Renee Beattie

"Where do I begin?  Yuri became a part of our family after a lengthy search and under the most amazing circumstances.  I truly believe that Yuri was an answer to prayer and he has proven to be the exact companion that I wanted for my father.  My father fell in love with this breed for obvious reasons...their undeniable beauty, intelligence, and loyalty to their humans.  Yuri has the sweetest personality.  He is full of spunk and life and loves his human parents (and our entire family) without reserve.  It is evident that Elena raises her kittens with superior health standards and ethics in mind.  Yuri is handsome, healthy, and well socialized.  Elena's commitment to her cattery is exactly what prospective Russian Blue parents should look for.  From birth, her kittens are well loved and I am confident that Elena will always be just a phone call away for all of Yuri's life.  Elena regularly communicated with us during the adoption process and ensured that our sweet boy adapted well to his new, forever home.  She handmade him his very own blanket, which he/we will always cherish.  She sincerely loves the breed and goes above and beyond to match her kittens with families who will love them as unconditionally as they love their humans.  We will be forever grateful that Elena and Yuri chose us."

Elissa Pancake



I got a kitten from you about a year and a half ago, and I wanted to write to tell you just how much I am enjoying her as a cat! She has been the absolute biggest delight since the moment I picked her up, and she is incredibly well-socialized and intelligent. She travels across the country with me for school (I attend school in Texas but am from California) and she loves the car and has never had a problem on these trips. She loves getting to meet new people when they come over, and all of my friends are pretty much obsessed with her. Papaya chose me as her person, and she follows me around the house (even watching me shower). She is the most easygoing, loving, and kind cat I have ever in my life met, and I know you had SO much to do with this as a breeder! She loves to play with toys and run around the house, but she also knows when I am studying and plops down on my lap to "help" me study. She loves to watch movies with my roommate and I on the couch, and even has her own dedicated spot by my feet on the couch. Papaya is truly the most incredible cat and I am so blessed to have her in my life. 


I love her so much and am so appreciative for all the work you did to raise her! I included some pictures of her all grown up! 


Mandy Huene

Like best: We drove 13 hours to get our RB and couldn't be more happy! Elena got us the PERFECT kitten. Gigi is absolutely the most beautiful and loving kitten we have ever owned. I call her "Giapatra" because my wife carries her around like a princess lol ! If you are looking for a real Russian Blue look no further than Bluesberg Cattery and Elena. She is the best!

Would recommend: Yes

Robert Gran

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