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            Listed below are some scam websites that we are aware of:

                 Monique's Russian Blues
                 MARLUX Russian Blue Cattery

                 Silver Blue Cattery
                 Jason Russian Blue Kittens

                 Gemstone Blue Cattery
                 Blue Village Cattery
                 Feli Cattery
                 Zion SR Cattery
                 Kwas Group Cattery
                 ScoField Cattery
                 Blue Triangle Heads Cattery
                 Exclusive Kitten Breeders
                 Ciao Legs
                 Mangas Cattery
                 Jamot Cattery
                 Grapo Family/ Doro Cattery
                 OK's Fancy Purs
                 Clay Time Blues
                 Martha's Kittens
                Joyous Ones Cattery

               Do not trust any breeders on Hoobly or Craig's List!
      is using our testimonials and FAQs to scam people.

               Please do your research!

               Visit TICA's website for some tips



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